Running Man

I don’t know why I’m writing this but recently, I found one article saying about how Running Man keep on loosing its position among other Korean variety shows on the rank. Maybe because of its age, or maybe because people now tired of seeing the same game all over again. As a big fan of Running Man, I found this fact very irritating. I know we cannot expect one show to last forever on TV which most of them pretty much depend on the taste of viewer, but I expect Running Man will last more than I could ever think. Running man is one of the most funniest, creative, innovative, and warmest show I have ever watched on TV. I remember how I made my mom watched it. We used to watch every new episode together and my mom loves Kwangsoo’s awkward dance so much lol. As one of those who watch all episodes of Running Man, a 294-episodes-long, I realize how Running Man recently lost their creative games and how the members seem to not as competitive as before. They seems to go easy during this 200ish episodes. I still remembered how much I laughed my self to tears on their 100ish episodes. Like I was literally dying and getting scolded by my dad because I laughed like craps. And here I’m just going to share my loves on Running Man to people who randomly stop by here.

And why should we love Running Man? because it is Running Man.

1. Members

I started watch Running Man when the show runs it 70ish episodes. I didn’t watch it from the very beginning because I don’t really into a series things. But one day, I watched it and laughed my ass off I could die. I started to watch it some in a while, depends on the guest. But a bit further, I was watching because of the original members of Running Man. They are naturally funny, humble and shows a very deep friendship to one another. They started off with 7 members; Yoo Jaesuk (MC of the Nation), Ji Suk jin (The oldest and the weakest member, the game starter lol), Ha Dong Hoon (foxy kiddos), Kim Jong Kook (The strongest), Kang Gary (innocent and humble guy), Lee Kwangsoo (the nosy yet unluckiest ) and Song Joong Ki (Flower boy. Yes he is a handsome Song Joong Ki the world are spazzing over now. But he was a cute kid back then, an innocent pretty man and I miss seeing him on RM). With seven different characters, they mix up as one strong group. On the second episode, Song Ji Hyo (Ace and the only female) came up as a guest which later became their permanent member. Not long after that, Lizzy from After School came and made it into many episodes. I personally didn’t really like her being on RM. She was good, having a very bright personality and friendly, but maybe she was too young and didn’t really show her special trait there. Having 9 members, Lizzy was the first to exit.

The other 8 members did very great on their early episodes. It was good, match and I can’t demand more. But suddenly, the cute Joong Ki made his farewell, his last episode and tell viewers he was not going to continue in RM anymore due to his filming schedule. I guess he never belongs to comedy thingy. He is a handsome,  talented and masculine guy. Good to see he could reach his dream on acting field. And I love seeing him keep in touch with other RM members until now. Their friendship sails strong. And the other 7 members are still doing good after 5 years, until today.

2. Games

Running Man always comes up with unique games. Their Name Tag Tearing battle is one of legendary games. This game set them up as enemy to each other and whoever got their name tag teared by other member, will be jailed. Jong Kook is public’s enemy here where all members make a joint-power against him, but however Suk Jin always the first to be outed. Another game is mission game where they should unfold mysterious clues to win. Jong Kook and Ji Hyo often made it to the final because of their sharp instinct and their fair play unlike other shameless members who always end up loosing game because of their playful and underhand way to win (one of the reason why RM is so precious).

But what I like the most from all of their games (which I can’t mention one by one because they got lots of them), is when they play their traditional games such as Ddakji, Peppero games and other well-made weird games such as photozone and food Bingo. One more thing.. they have a spy game where particular member is given a secret mission during the games.

3. Guest

Running man always succeeds to pick a popular guest that suits their episode. There were so many funny guests coming, adding more flavor on each episode. I remembered when they invited the cast of School 2013 and I died my heart can’t help. I also love most of episodes when they brought Lee Seung Gi because he was funny and clueless. RM also gave us several special guests when they brought Korean athletes. Episode  which has Park Ji Sung on it was totally awesome. They sometimes made episodes where their members paired up with beautiful and handsome guests as well which was very entertaining. But still, my most favorite guest all the time is on episode 104, Running Man Olympics where all strong Idols came and competed with RM members. It was a tough and tight competition.

4. Theme

RM most of the time comes up with a very unique theme. The most legendary is Yoomes Bond where Jaesuk is appointed as a spy and he deceives other members. None of his Yoomes Bond episodes fail. Another fresh idea is when they make a trip to another country. My most favorite episode overseas was in Hong Kong. It was twisted and brilliant. RM also weirdly come up with K-drama parody episodes such as; My love from Running Star, Protect the Boss, The Heirs, That Winter the Typhoon Blows, I Hear Your Voice, etc. They put up some similarities from the drama and always left me speechless. So total and impressive.


They could be getting old, their games running out or they are tired of playing games, but RM has been a legend ever since. Other new variety shows might be fresh and young, but this old but gold variety show will be one my most favorite watching all the time.

p.s: I have all episodes on my laptop. Gonna watch it again in 10 years lol


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