LCT Subject

Now I’m wondering what should I write tomorrow on the final exam. First, the exam is on Friday, I supposed to go home earlier only if this Friday free af. Second, the exam is Logic and Critical Thinking subject. Third, the material is just so wrong. I can’t handle these bunch of slides and high-level ancient(?) vocabularies. I still don’t get the purposes of this subject. I don’t think I will even use the term this subject has taught me for the rest of my life. I don’t get why student should learn this. Why don’t they just give another important subject instead. Yes I’m saying this subject makes no sense. At all.

We learn about premises, syllogism, analogy etc in a very boring way. And why should we learn this, like.. duh we all learned it in Junior High School already.

All students are smart people.

Mita is a student.

So Mita is smart people.

WTF dude what if Mita is lazy. She’s a student but she wants to be a singer so she writes song lyric on her notes instead of the school materials. What if Mita goes to school only because she is forced by the stereotype that school is where succeed people come out so if you’re not a student then your future will be as dark as blackout at 2AM.

The syllogism makes no sense.

Can you see the issue? we learn which one is what term but the conclusion is so fucked up. And why should we learn this. From all of subject, why this kind of Logic and Critical Thinking. Why don’t we just improve our logic and critical thinking by making article review, case study, case comparison or something IR students supposed to do. Or at least, identify how to oppose certain statement from the scholars, something that will make your brain hurts for good reason, not for memorizing slides words by words.

I just can’t get this subject. I’ll be fucked up tomorrow. May God bless me and save my grades. I’m so done bye..


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