2015 has always been a good year for me. Apart from several shits happened, it still an awesome year after all. It has taught me many things. I grown up a lot in this year rather than in previous 18 years lol. It has always been an incredible journey for me.

I lost pretty much everyone this year, but well it is a gain actually. I learn who true friends are.. and not much anyway. But life must goes on. I keep my circle small, but at the same time keep making good friends with everyone. Luckily, I met many awesome people. Got new chances, new experiences and new friends. I succeed erasing some butt-hurt people in my life lol

I was wondering, where are the people this year. Some old friends busy with their jobs. But again, I’m lucky to have 4-5 friends who still keep in touch with me no matter how busy they are. When I have no one to talk to, I always got some people on my head. Those who I can depend myself on the most. Those who don’t mind their Line being spammed by me. Those who listen to every shitty voice notes I send.

This year is wondrous. I spent my 365 days to learn many new things, new subjects, new events and new positions. 2015 started with a bit disappointment to be very honest, but the end was awesome. I can’t count how much blessed I have received. I can’t count the grace God has sent to me this year. Still, when I think I can’t survive because sometimes things overwhelm, God shows me how to grow up. And I did.

I thank to some good people who have given their time to make me happy. Those who have helped me all the time. Those who have accompanied me everywhere. Those who have made my life easier. Those who have put their name on my book. And I can never forget what December has given to me ❤

And today, my last holiday in my hometown because my next semester starts off  a bit faster than other universities. I met some old good friends and we talked a lot. One of them asked me if I ever feel so empty and lonely even when I got lots of friend?

Yes, most of the time.

But that is also a part of growing up. You have to survive by yourself. People are only a temporary companion. They can’t be with you forever. You have to grow up. Fight by yourself. Fight the loneliness, the endlessness. Friends ditch, loves betray. You can’t put your happiness on other people’s hand. If you want to put your happiness, that should be on your own hand.

I wish the blessed days from 2015 will continue, even better in 2016. I wish I can be more productive and more active..and get more sleeps :”)

You know…I kinda like the idea of new year. You got a new blank book and you can have a fresh start to write it to the fullest. Well, I never really make any resolutions for New Year. I just…you know..restart the year. But this year, I guess I should write some. And of course, be a better version of me. Well that’s bullshit but I have to try at least.

Happy New Year!!!


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