We grow up

We go to some new places

We find good friends

We find someone that cross our mind once in a while

We find numbers of people that matter

We get attached to the people we know we will lose

We sleep in a new room

With a new wallpaper

With unusual breakfast

With sour throat and seek for medicine

That we buy by ourselves

We change our dream

from being a teacher to a doctor

And realize that none of them are our real dream

We get busy

We get new responsibilities

Forget to call our mom and dad for a week

Never say “Hi” to siblings after a month

We forget that life moves fast

We are 20 years old

With 19 years of making chains to today

We handle most of the things now

We buy new bag without asking for money

Because we know how to save money

We lost friends

We love someone

and get hurt

We keep our circle small because we realize

not all friends are friends

But we keep on moving

To tomorrow..to next year..to 25 years old

We forget that life moves fast

That we should take a pause once in a while

Just to call our parents first and tell them how our days go

And say “Hi” to siblings and let them ask for a gift

And call some old good friends

Tell them we love them

And have guts to talk to our crush

Or someone we love the most

That life moves so fast

And we want to appreciate all

Before it’s gone.





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