A sweet Greeting <3

With my most mainstream line to open this writing..i’d like to say

It’s been a very longgggggggg while since my last post. WOW. Happy a very late new year everyone!!!!!!!

Good news! I’ve accomplished one resolution from last year,that is deleting some posts which has “will be deleted one day” on it. It was hard and takes me like 7 months to delete it. YAYYYYYY I did great. Hahahahaha someone takes credits for this act *ehem* *uhuk*

For those who has read,you may cherish it on your deepest heart lol anyway gue bingung mau nulis apa. I really don’t have anything to write. This 2nd semester got me overwhelm and all the stuffs are so hectic,yet exciting. I can’t find a time to write,and here I am writing this shits cuz I feel bad after abandoning this blog. And..yahh..idk but several months after today will be more hectic so i’m gonna back after a very long time..or not. It depends on my mood

Sekian dan terimakasih :)))))


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