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Well..HELLO BLOGGERSSSSSS !! *jump off the cliff*

Seems like me,myself so surprised to see my last post. On september 7th,so it has been 3 month since my last one. Where have I been? no idea. But what I understand is college life has taken my spare time from doing this shit.

I might only have 6 classes for this semester,but non-academic activities has played a big-minor role during my days.

So basically,i’m not going to post any important things on this post since I still don’t have one,yet. Buttttt what i’m gonna write is all the feeling I got on this month. Idk but I feel a bit moody on my current weeks. I easily offended. Eventhough i’m not really show it (since I can handle it like usual),but the sensitivity is just raising. I can feel it myself. For example,when i’m with my friend,and we decide where to eat,and end up eating in the place they choose,not mine,not even once,that things will break my mood and my heart will be ached for the sake of tired. And I also tired of people asking me the same question all over,and this is really NOT me. My high tolerance seems to decrease along with the situation. I just feel like sleeping on my bed all day long with nothing bothered me for 2 days. Only for 2 days,to find myself back. To find the pieces which makes me imbalance(?)


Anyway,i’m going to go home in one week WOHOWWWWW can’t wait to see my family and my old friend. Miss them already!


(You see right,i’m a bipolar writer -_-)


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