Happy 8th year ELF


Happy 8th year ELF..WUHUWWW!!!!! *fireworks* Happy anniversary my one and only fandom,my best!

8 years already,we’ve been going through the stormy seas to the shining coastline. From the ground to the sky. We’ve been taste the rain with thunder,The drizzle within bright day,and the sun above our head. We’ve walked through everything. The happy,the sad,the farewell,the welcoming,the missing,everything. We’ve experienced it more than any other fandoms. We know how it feels to see the boys winning the highest award,seeing their selling album breaks the record,seeing the boys on every variety show,experiencing the lawsuit case of one of them,seeing one or two leaving in a very short gap of each,seeing them enlist the army,seeing one by one comeback after finishing their duty to their nation. It’s like everything in kpop has attacked us first,so now we are used to this.

It’s nice to know than we can stand until this way. Eventhough we’ve grown mature and some of us become an inactive fangirl because of our busy real life,but we’re still here. Behind the boys. Because being fans doesn’t mean you have to fangirl 24/7. Each year passed,you’ll realize what changes. Your fangirl’s time is being stolen by the school,but your heart isn’t. Everything change but not with your feeling,that’s the way you know you’re still the part of the fandom. And i hope we could stick together until the end. Until the endless end. Until the world becomes sapphire blue colored.

And i literally thankful for all the joy i got from every single of you. Thankyou for Super Junior,my boys. Thankyou for all the precious moment. Nothing can explain my feeling toward you,Super Junior. I love you with all my heart,in every edges and this feeling will last forever. Let’s be together until forever!! LOVE YAAA



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