Well i don’t know how to start but..haay everyone it’s been a long while. Now i’m here.Yeah..a month already. I just feel like abandoning this blog so i came to write this random shit.

I don’t know but i feel like this 2 months is really exhausting me,especially this month. Like..i don’t know how many test i’ve taken for the sake of brain. I take the try out often,recently. Of course because i’m the 3rd year student..but screw everything i’m still a human. I don’t know which one need to be studied so i end up not studying LOL

And last week i’ve wasted all my time for hanging out with friends. I’m not a kind of easy going for something wasting but i really went last week. Because i’m tired of life,tired of not able to free my mind from books. My body sleeps,but my brain doesn’t.  I feel tired,deeply.

And instead of studying,i read fanfiction a lot now. See how lazy this human being now.NOW.

Again.. i just feel so fucking tired of the hell school serves for my holy day. I need a bit space to study from one lesson to another. A very small gap,tho. Like after 2 hours studying math,can you just give me about 15 minutes to breathe before continue studying?And i hate when the teachers give so much pain so much stress like what a certain teacher does. Ok let’s not talk about it. Hurts.

Actually,this 3rd year seems to be more lax than previous year. But the more lax,the more stress in it.

And tomorrow i’ll have an exam for 4 chapters of book see how this school kills me. 4 chapters for the universe’s sake yaaaa i’m really excited to skip tomorrow btw.

So what should i do now?yeah..nothing..

and why suddenly i’m thinking of WOLF drama version..part 3. Hahah i didn’t write anything about part 2 because that was so lame. I don’t have any desire to write anything but nagging. Just why.



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