Nothing to deal

well i’ve no idea why i’m still here (for the sake of God,it’s already midnight ) but ya i don’t know since when i’m enjoying a late sleep.Well thought i’ve been sleeping for a few hour only at night since fasting month.Kinda weird,because my eyes looks like panda and i just lies on bed for a freaking morning until afternoon on next day.I just..feels like still want to have some fun when home after praying at mosque,so i turned on my computer to spazzing.But time flies like wind,feels like only tweeting for an hour but then seeing the hour hand is about to point at 01.00 o’clock already hahaha

And still,i don’t know what to write now.I supposed to be writing now(in case,fanfiction),since a few hours ago i mean but the feeling inside doesn’t feel good.It’s like i’m hurt for nothing,so i messed everything.And to be very honest,i feel lonely.That’s why i’m tweeting everyday,spamming timeline like nothing.I’m not a type of attention seeker so i just write a random thing to cover all the pain inside.I need someone to talk,eventhough i’m not gonna offending my problem.Just to talk anything so i can forget so many unimportant things that has ruined my life.

And tomorrow is gonna be the worst day ever.My classmates are having their breakfasting together and i will sit like dumb here at home because i won’t be able to go (since my house way too far).This would be the last breakfasting with all my beloved classmates reminding we’re about to be a 3rd year student a month later(and probably graduated before next year fasting month),but still i can’t help myself to be there because no one gonna pick me up at night after breakfasting and praying.It’s..sad.very.I cried a bit yesterday thinking why i always end up with the worse choice to deal with this kind of situation.I know one of them can drag me with her instead to attend the event but,just to know she won’t.sure.I’m not gonna asking for any favor next time,no more.I’ve tried to be friendly with everyone but that everyone just running to the top of my limit.Some are already.I’m a kind of sensitive actually.I’m crack easily and pissed off and hurt and pathetic and a river tears but i can hold it all without any one know.But so please don’t think that i can stand with anything.I would try but when i fail,i would take a back step.And continue the step in other way,won’t be back to the same step anymore.

And after posting this,i still don’t feel like going to sleep.



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