Not All friend is ‘Friend’

Does the cost of mask is freaking cheap?because people just wear it multiply.All looks same,pretend that they care,they would help,they probably think of you  but as soon as that mask exfoliate,you know that they don’t really,or not even do that.Seems like you’re the only one you can believe in without any doubt.Because you’re the only piece of yours that left when you crack as hell from those fakes (if you think you have anyone you called as yours).They look concern to you but don’t give any fucking effort to help you.They just..walking through you,right in your face.And then you just realize how could you believe in that shitty trusted looks and how your life being ruined by knowing the reality that all this time you just pretend that you don’t see their gold mask because hoping they truly care about you.They don’t,you know that but you just too scared to figure out that feelings and act like yes they care and well that’s enough.That face when you ask for favor,fucking expression looks so sad because they can’t help you but ya,they just can’t.No solution at all,but you just smile as dumb knowing they don’t want to help actually.Or expression of sadness hearing your problem but at the same time looks afraid being asked for favor.Yes you meet so many people that put a very expensive mask to cover their ugly heart.It’s not like you hate them,but kinda a disappointment seeing all you can believe in is not the trusted one.Also not like you hope everyone will help you with all of their effort,but just to know that there is a people who really cares eventhough you’re not asking for.

The word “Not all friend is ‘friend’ ” is totally TRUE.You find yourself crying over the reality they don’t help you when they look can is such a foolishness.You know they don’t want to help,but you cry with that.pathetic.

It’s like,you are in a foreign place.There are around 10 people,no one you are familiar with,or simply say no one you know.But then a few second,you see a person walk in and you look a bit happy knowing that ‘that person’ is friend of yours.You smile because at least,there is someone you can go with if other foreigner ignore you.But then you know,the only one you think ‘friend’ is just smile and walking over you without even say anything.Like knowing you looks pity but doesn’t want to take care of that.Instead of asking for accompanied, even you feel more foreign than the fact that you’re a foreigner there.That’s the reality.People walking over you,or walking away with everything you’ve given.




Because some people just too fake to be known as fake.


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