Happy New Year?

First of all, this is awkward…

It has been a half year since I wrote my last post. From all reasons why I didn’t write much anymore, one of them is lazy. LOL. But that is one of my major problems, thing that always drags me away from writing. Well since I didn’t really have time either..

So.. Happy new year?

I was initially wanted to write this on early January, but things got complicated and the mood was off already. However, this is not a belated new year for me. Instead, this is the real new year. I’m turning 21 today. Yayyy *with toneless voice*. I mean… yayyy? Yay. I’m getting older. My time on this earth is getting shorter. And I basically have done nothing much for the past 21 years. YAYY /die mit/

I have never really felt any difference from one birthday to another. It is just another year I need to spend anyway. However, I feel kind of responsibility is coming more than I used to bear, this year. Well I’m physically 21 even though mentally, I’m only 13. But I should act like 21. I have never been 21 years old before, so how do I know?

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Dulu, gue inget gue ga pernah tidur di atas jam 10 malam sampe SMA kelas 2. Waktu itu gue bertanya-tanya ke temen yang sering ngaku ga tidur semalaman karena baca komik

“Kok kuat sih ga tidur?”

“Seriusan? Ga mati?”

Iya, gue nanyanya selebay itu. Lalu kelas 3 SMA pas masa-masa UN, barulah gue ngerasain namanya tidur telat dan memecahkan rekor begadang sampe pagi dan baru tidur abis UN tiap harinya. Padahal tetep aja gue masih tidur 7 jam sehari walaupun jamnya aja yang berubah, dari yang biasanya tidur pas malem, waktu itu jadi tidur pas siangnya. Tapi tetep aja setelah 3 hari, suara gue langsung ilang. Dua hari kemudian gue demam. Continue reading

Running Man

I don’t know why I’m writing this but recently, I found one article saying about how Running Man keep on loosing its position among other Korean variety shows on the rank. Maybe because of its age, or maybe because people now tired of seeing the same game all over again. As a big fan of Running Man, I found this fact very irritating. I know we cannot expect one show to last forever on TV which most of them pretty much depend on the taste of viewer, but I expect Running Man will last more than I could ever think. Continue reading

There always be a day

When you crawling down to the edge of your memory

When one name could bring your silence to a total dark

When memory brings warm to your lung

Not like a sip of tea in the cold night

But a full cup of hot water in the noon

Sometimes you avoid talking about them

Your heart understands

you die every time knowing you lose, once again

Cerita Bodoh

Jadi liburan dua minggu kali ini gue telah melakukan banyak hal bodoh.

Dimulai dari waktu pulang dari Jakarta ke Aceh, gue dengan antengnya berangkat ke bandara dengan temen-temen tanpa cek lagi barang baawaan pada pukul 3 pagi padahal penerbangan gue pukul 11 siang tapi demi ada temen balik, yasudahlah. Kemudian sesampainya di bandara, gue kelaperan dan ga punya cash. Jadi lah gue ke atm buat narik.

Kemudian hening.

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[Review] Kdrama Cheese in the Trap

Umm.. sebenernya liburan gue yang cuma ganyampe 2 minggu ini ga segabut ini, tapi entah kenapa gue bisa nyelesain nonton Cheese in the Trap dalam kurun waktu yang cuma 3-4 hari. Trus entah kenapa juga sekarang gue malah nulis ini ketimbang ngerjain kerjaan lain. Oke kita refresing sejenak mit disini. Gapapa kok gapapa.

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